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Publication date: August 2003
Features: B&W, photos, notes, references, index
Keywords: Physical Education;Health Science
Subject(s): EDUCATION / General, Physical Education;Health Science, Physical Education and Recreation, Disability Studies
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press, Steadward Centre

Dr. Robert D. Steadward. Robert Steadward, O.C., LL.D. (Hons), is Past and Founding President of the International Paralympic Committee and Founder and CEO of The Steadward Centre, a multi-disability fitness, research, and lifestyle facility at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, where he is Professor Emeritus. A world leader in disability sport, author, teacher, and scientist, Robert Steadward has been recognized by universities in Alberta, Oregon, and Belgium for his work in adapted physical activity.

Garry D. Wheeler. Garry D. Wheeler is the Manager of Research and Counselling at The Steadward Centre at the University of Alberta. He is a member of the International Paralympic Committee, Sport Science Committee.

E. Jane Watkinson. E. Jane Watkinson is Associate Dean (Academic) and Professor of Physical Education and Recreation at the University of Alberta. She has written numerous publications related to physical activity and children with disabilities.

"Thirty-two chapters by researchers and service providers brings socio-cultural, psychological, and functional perspectives to the discussion of sports, physical education, and recreation. Emphasizing issues of inclusion, the textbook addresses the developmental and current state of physical activity opportunities across the continuum of schools, community, and elite sport." Reference & Research Book News, Nov. issue

ISBNs: 9780888643759 978-0-88864-375-9 Title: adapted physical activity ISBNs: 9780888647795 978-0-88864-779-5 Title: adapted physical activity