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Publication date: May 2015
Features: Foreword, 53 figures, bibliography, notes, appendix, index
Keywords: Communication;Public Relations;Postsecondary Education
Subject(s): BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Business Communication / General, Business, Communication and Media Studies, Education, BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Marketing / Research, Market research, Communication;Public Relations;Postsecondary Education
Publisher(s): The University of Alberta Press

William Wray Carney. William Wray Carney studied journalism at Carleton University. He has over 30 years of experience in media, public relations, and education. He has taught at the University of Regina, the University of Alberta, and Concordia University College. His work in public relations was primarily in the public sector in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Now semi-retired, he maintains a private practice in Regina. In 2009, the Canadian Public Relations Society presented him with the Award of Attainment.

Leah-Ann Lymer. Leah-Ann Lymer has worked as an editor in educational publishing for two decades. She is based in Toronto.

Mike Coates.

Colin Babiuk.

Sandra L. Braun.

Wendy Campbell.

John E.C. Cooper.

Marsha D'Angelo.

Ange Frymire Fleming.

Mark Hunter LaVigne.

Danielle Lemon.

Allison G. MacKenzie.

Sheridan McVean.

Charles Pitts.

David Scholz.

Jeff Scott.

Charmane Sing.

Amy Thurlow.

Carolyne Van Der Meer.

Ashleigh VanHouten.

Cynthia Wrate.

Anthony R. Yue.

"It's a very strong textbook. I think it will be a great teaching tool and a valuable resource for all practitioners." Blair Peberdy, APR, FCPRS

Blair Peberdy

"Quite an achievement and much needed. It should be widely used in Canadian universities and colleges." Ira Basen, CBC Spin Cycles

Ira Basen

ISBNs: 9781772120448 978-1-77212-044-8 Title: fundamentals of public relations and marketing communications in canada ISBNs: 9781772120622 978-1-77212-062-2 Title: fundamentals of public relations and marketing communications in canada