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    Canadians are struggling with choices regarding their constitutional future. These studies focus on how many important areas would be affected by alternative constitutional scenarios: a more centralized Canada without Quebec; a more decentralized Canada that includes Quebec; and an independent Alberta.
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    A rare social-science experiment was recently undertaken in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Within the space of one year, all three provincial governments embarked on programs to eliminate their deficits. This volume considers the political culture of each province, examines the strategies chosen, and measures the comparative outcomes of the experiment.
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    Despite fairly similar beginnings, the Australian and Canadian federations have evolved quite differently. The goal of this volume is to examine the effects of increasing global competition on fiscal reform.
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    For millions of Canadians looking ahead to retirement, the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) has become a contentious issue. Even after the recent CPP reforms, Canadians under the age of 35 will contribute more than twice the amount they will ever receive. Will billions of dollars at stake and an entire generation hanging in the balance, we need to consider our alternatives now. In this timely volume, William B.P. Robson, Francois Vaillancourt, J.C. Herbert Emery, Kenneth J. McKenzie... [READ MORE]