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The University of Alberta Press makes significant titles Open Access rather than letting them go out of print, keeping them available to researchers and the general public. The books listed here are all free to download and share. 

  • Imagine living through an arctic winter in shelter with no plumbing, not even an outhouse. For two months, the sun does not rise above the horizon, and the temperature locks in below minus fifty. This is the story of Jack Grainge, a civil engineer for the federal government, bringing the people of northern Canada the sanitary conveniences we take for granted. Full of anecdotes and colour photographs, this book provides insight into everyday life in the rapidly-changing North ... [READ MORE]
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    The contemporary community of Kitsumkalum draws on its ancient Tsimshian culture for values, a vibrant culture of traditions and customs. This book emphasizes the connection between the community's heritage and the territory which nurtures it. The anthropology underlying the book promotes a Tsimshian sociology as understood by the people in Kitsumkalum. The connection between the culture and the land is the central principle that has sustained the Kitsumkalum people since tim... [READ MORE]
  • Canadians entered World War One viewing armed conflict as a majestic affair. What they discovered was that life in the trenches was grim and the slaughter unimaginable. With victory hanging in the balance, officials at home began propping up notions of the conflict-and of the enemy-that sometimes had little to do with facts.