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Cross-Media Ownership and Democratic Practice in Canada
Content-Sharing and the Impact of New Media
Walter C. Soderlund, Colette Brin, Lydia Miljan, Kai Hildebrandt
This is the first in-depth analysis of major French- and English-Canadian news companies to show the impact of cross-media ownership on the diversity of new content. Surprisingly, the study lays to rest fears over content convergence of newspaper and television network ownership by Canadian media giants Canwest Global, CTVglobemedia, and Quebecor. Content-sharing between newspaper and television properties of these giant companies did not occur. This leads the authors to examine why, and to assess problems that mass media in Canada will likely face in the coming years, particularly as newsrooms strive to adapt to new media and the online environment. Policy makers, media executives, and journalism students and professors will find this study invaluable.
Format:  EPUB
ISBN:  978-0-88864-682-8
Price:  CND$ 27.99, USD$ 27.99, £ 23.99
Discount:  Trade
Subject:  Political Science/Media & Communications Studies
Publication Date:  September 2012
"The authors report on what is said to be the first in-depth study of top French- and English-Canadian news companies, and illustrates the effects of cross-media ownership on providing news with content sharing.”
Book News Inc., 2013
[W]hat the authors discovered was rather surprising and intriguing: contrary to popular belief, content-sharing in the Canadian media isn’t as widespread as previously thought.... [I]n my view, this important and well-researched study provides a window into a period of time when media convergence was still regarded as a powerful tool—and seems to prove that various concerns may have been overstated. For the most part, TV stations and newspapers owned by the same company don’t necessarily think alike, act alike or even report the news alike.... Hence, the identity of each entity, as well as the guiding democratic principles, appears to have remained intact.”
Michael Taube, Literary Review of Canada, August 2012 [Full review at http://bit.ly/TFtGy8]
"Les résultats de la recherche sont offerts en anglais dans un livre compact, bien écrit et rigoureux [Cross-Media Ownership and Democratic Practice in Canada].”
 Chantal Francoeur, Le ProjetJ, June 13, 2012 [Full review at http://bit.ly/M3NSFv.]

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