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Flora of the Russian Arctic Vol. I
A. I. Tolmachev
Editor J. G.W. Packer
Translator Graham Griffiths
Written by the botanists of the Komarov Botanical Institute, St. Petersburg, the Flora of the Russian Arctic series is an essential part of every botanical library. (For information on Volume III, see http://www.schweizerbart.de/pubs/books/floraofthe-095200001-desc.html)  Out-of-Print
Format:  Printed Dust Jacket
ISBN:  978-0-88864-269-1
Price:  CND$ 65, USD$ 65, £ 35.5
Discount:  Short
Subject:  Natural History/Flora
Publication Date:  January 1995
1996 Alcuin Society
The Alcuin Society Citations for Excellence in Book Design in Canada, 3rd, Text and Reference Books
"The Flora contains a wealth of information of interest to western botanists but this has remained largely untapped on account of language difficulties. It was, therefore, a bold and imaginative initiative on the part of The University of Alberta Press to publish in an English edition in six volumes under the editorship of Professor J.G. Packer.
G. Halliday, Book Reviews

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