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Travels and Tales of Miriam Green Ellis
Pioneer Journalist of the Canadian West
Miriam Green Ellis
Editor Patricia Demers
Demers revives the memory of journalist Miriam Green Ellis, an all-but-forgotten feminist, suffragist, and agricultural reporter who documented the modernist sphere for over four decades and who refused to be confined to the “women’s pages.” With written material from the University of Alberta’s Miriam Green Ellis Collection, accompanied by an excellent selection of photographs, Ellis’s inimitable voice and views on Albertans, westerners, and Canadians in the early decades of the twentieth century emerge clearly. Readers interested in Canadian women studies, journalism, or feminism will find Ellis’s highly coloured perspective both entertaining and informative.
Format:  Trade Paperback
ISBN:  978-0-88864-626-2
Price:  CND$ 34.95, USD$ 34.95, £ 29.5
Discount:  Trade
Subject:  Biography/Journalism/Women Studies/Feminism/Social History
Publication Date:  January 2013
"Wearing men's breeches and sometimes armed with a rifle, trailblazing Canadian journalist and suffragist Miriam Green Ellis (1879-1964) was one of the few women (or even men) of the time period traveling to isolated regions of Canada.… The book provides examples of Ellis's agricultural reporting in various regions of Canada between 1915 and 1933 and her travel reporting 1920-1941. An introduction overviews her life and her career as a writer, reporter, speaker, and member of high society. Of special interest are the many b&w historical photos taken by Ellis, depicting the lifeways of indigenous peoples on the Canadian prairie.”
Book News Inc., 2013
“Treasure hunters strike it rich in the oddest places, but none stranger than a document vault at the University of Alberta. There, largely undisturbed for nearly 50 years, were cartons containing the life’s work of reporter Miriam Green Ellis. Inside, gold.”
Holly Doan, Blacklock’s Reporter, May 27, 2013

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